Corporate Innovation Program

Industry innovation strategies from the
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What is the MIT Corporate Innovation Program?

The Corporate Innovation Program (CIP) provides a unique opportunity for global corporations to engage with MIT through an immersive year-long cohort-based program​.

Experiencing vs. Training
This isn’t a corporate training or even an executive education course. CIP brings your company inside MIT’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship community—providing invaluable access to programs, faculty, and students.

Learn to think like an MIT-er
Through a customized series of engagements, case studies, workshops, and interactive discussions, you gain a unique MIT-insider perspective into the process of innovation and learn how to leverage corporate innovation methodologies to address your specific business challenges.

As a member, your team will:

Learn MIT Innovation

Explore the fundamentals, best practices, and the value of innovation ecosystems.

Practice Innovation Skills

Build teams, define challenges, explore new approaches, and flex your creative problem-solving skills.

Engage with MIT's I&E Ecosystem

Explore connections with MIT experts around specific topics that you help select.

Sustain Innovation Practices

Stay agile, connected, and innovative even after you complete your twelve month program.

Start Here:

Fill out the CIP Application Initiation form to start the application process. You’re not making any commitment at this time, just submitting an initial review.

Corporate innovation news

The MIT Innovation Initiative

MIT Innovation Initiative is a small team of unceasingly inquisitive, data-obsessed MIT-ers tasked by The Office of the Provost to develop and strengthen the innovation & entrepreneurial community at MIT…and beyond. We’ve built an innovation infrastructure at MIT to inspire, support, and connect the most innovative people, programs, places, and partnerships at MIT—stewarding the innovation process from idea to impact. 

Innovation is in MIT’s DNA

The MIT community is driven by a shared purpose: to make a better world through educationresearch, and innovation