Mercedes-Benz India & MIT Corporate Innovation Program Overview

Through a customized series of engagements, case studies, workshops, and interactive discussions, Mercedes-Benz India will gain a unique MIT-insider perspective into corporate innovation and learn how to leverage innovation methodologies that address your specific business challenges.

Program framework

The Corporate Innovation Program will provide Mercedes-Benz India members opportunities to learn about innovation as defined by MIT, practice innovation skills, engage with MIT’s I&E ecosystem, and sustain innovation practices.

A twelve-month program designed to address Mercedes-Benz India’s key innovation challenges

During the program, you’re encouraged through relevant coursework, events, panels, and opportunities to consider how you apply insights within Mercedes-Benz India.

You will embark on a twelve-month journey of learning, ideation, and discovery. Starting month one, your team will foster meaningful relationships with MIT’s diverse innovation and entrepreneurship community. 

Agility in the age of COVID-19

As the entire MIT community adjusts to the new reality of Covid-19, we at The Corporate Innovation Program and MITii have adapted to an increasingly digital world. 

The twelve month program as designed has been amended to showcase our courses, hackathons, and panels remotely. For more information, contact

Links & downloads for Mercedes-Benz India

We look forward to the opportunity of working with Mercedes-Benz India! Here’s some additional info we thought you might find interesting.

We’re happy to answer any further questions you may have. Contact 

Mercedes-Benz India CIP Journey

Team members will move through a series of integrated modules of unique MIT content curated to build foundational learnings with the cohort and to address Mercedes-Benz India’s business challenges. 

An innovation mindset for the future of Mercedes-Benz India.


Take part in modules led by innovation thought leaders at MIT and exchange best practices with your peers from other companies.



Increase Mercedes-Benz India’s existing innovation capacity and build on your current successes.



Explore new, cutting-edge technologies and pursue competencies in transformative breakthrough innovation.



Put what you’ve learned into action through collaborative activities—externally, with MIT faculty, staff, and students—and internally, with your employees.